Woman takes a 2-year-old girl to her foster home, 11 minutes later, the girl says something that shakes her to her core

A foster mom’s touching story about welcoming a 2-year-old girl into her home has gone viral.

A foster parent named Jamie shared her story of taking in a 2-year-old girl who had already lived in four different homes.

The little girl was in the foster care system for just five months and lived in four different homes before coming to live with Jamie. The child was already conditioned to the life of a foster child, but Jamie wanted to make sure he gave the innocent girl a better experience.

After only a few minutes of being in the home, the little girl said something that amazed the foster parent.

Jamie wrote about the experience in a post shared on Facebook:

“She walks in confidently and with a smile. She knows the drill. In her two years of life, she’s spent five months in foster care. In her five months in care, she’s been in four different homes. I get down on my knees and say, “Hi, sweetie. My name is Jamie. I’m so glad you’ve come to stay with us. Do you want to go meet the kids?”

The other kids are the welcoming committee, the tour guides, and the concierge service for our little residence (“You’re here! Want to see your bed? Want a baby doll? Want a snack? I love you!”). They’re the key to a new child feeling at home.

Nothing makes me feel prouder of my bios than watching them do this. Nothing makes my fosters feel more like “mine” than watching them follow suit.

She wanders around with the other kids for approximately 11 minutes before she runs into the room with a smile and says, “Look, mommy!” To me. The woman she met 11 minutes before.

To this little girl, “mommy” meant the female adult of the house, the lady who reached something you couldn’t and refilled your juice. Having five “mommies” in five months, she hadn’t yet had the chance to learn what mommy meant.

Mommy meant falling asleep on shoulders, kissing skinned knees, teaching ABCs. Mommy meant helping homework, whispering about friends, sitting outside dressing rooms. Mommy meant taking pictures at graduation, hugging on wedding day, cuddling grandchildren. Mommy meant security. Mommy meant commitment. Mommy meant life-long love.

She was only two years old, though, with a biological mom working hard to get her back and a foster mom willing to step in if she couldn’t. This little girl had the hope of learning that mommy isn’t just what you call a female who helps you, of forgetting that mommy could ever be just a name. This little girl would know what mommy meant. This little girl would have a mommy.

The touching post quickly went viral, garnering more than 20,000 likes and nearly 2,000 shares.


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