Woman got cheated on by her boyfriend, the step she took in retaliation left many appalled

This woman was cheated on by her boyfriend, and the thing she did to get revenge on him left many appalled, as this was obviously the first time someone had such a reaction to cheating.

A woman has become the subject of discussion on social media after revealing what she did after finding out her partner had cheated on her.

Clearly, almost nothing compares to finding out that your loved one has been with another person.

Of course, most will simply end the relationship and try to find a new partner, but there are others for whom this is not enough.

Whether it’s destroying property or clothing, many people simply choose revenge.

But one woman took such drastic measures that it caused a big storm on social networks.

The video, which has garnered more than 6.2 million views in just four days, shows the woman walking towards the bridge.

As he looked over the river flowing below, he picked up a white urn with an intricate nautical design and proceeded to scatter the ashes into the water.

“He failed me, so I threw his mother in the river,” reads the text accompanying the video.

With the particles still floating in the air, the woman threw the urn into the river, wiped her hands, and left.

While she may have left feeling better, viewers had a very different view of her approach.

The shocked viewers thought that throwing his mother’s ashes into the river was a drastic step.

“Sister, isn’t that a little too much?”

Another added, “And she sees this as a victory?”

“Oh damn, she’s definitely next… to keep mom company…” wrote another.

Do you think this is adequate retaliation, or do you think it is excessive? Click here to see the video.

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