Woman faces multiple charges for causing two accidents and injuring her son

Cincinnati, Ohio – A woman who was operating a vehicle while under the influence and crashed twice, causing serious injuries to her son, is now facing multiple charges.

The police report indicates the woman, Cari Sands, left the scene of the first accident where she struck a vehicle with her Kia Soul on West Road in Whitewater Township. Police said the occupants of the vehicle Sands had struck into remained uninjured.

Shortly after the first hit-and-run accident, Sands veered off the road after losing control over her vehicle on West Road, hitting a traffic sign and a tree.

Her teenage son was flown to a hospital with serious injuries, including a broken arm, a broken sternum, and severe bleeding.

According to court records, Sands was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accidents.

She is also being held on a $125,000 bond for aggravated vehicular assault and child endangerment charges.

She could also be able to avoid posting bail if she wears an electronic monitoring device and remains at home. She isn’t allowed to drive, and she has to undergo random urine tests.

She is not permitted to communicate with her kid, who is now living with his father.

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