University of Dayton Student Dies of COVID-19

Dayton, Ohio – A University of Dayton freshman died Thursday after suffering complications from COVID-19, the school said.

Michael Lang, 18, a student in the College of Arts and Science, died in his hometown LaGrange, Illinois after a long hospital stay with the virus.

“We extend our deepest sympathy and prayers to his family, friends, professors and our campus community,” school administrators said in a message to the school. “The loss of Michael calls our campus community to honor his memory and support those who are affected by his passing.”

Members of the campus community were invited to light a candle of remembrance and pray at the school’s chapel Friday afternoon.

Lang was living on campus at the start of the term. He switched to remote learning on Sept. 13, the university said.

Lang is the third known U.S. college student to die of COVID-19 this fall, and the only student of an Ohio university who has died after contracting COVID-19.

The school has reported a total of 1,410 student cases, 42 of which are active, making it the third largest COVID-19 outbreak of the Ohio colleges.

Seven University of Dayton students were hospitalized with COVID-19 from the school’s outbreak.

“Too many university faculty, staff and students have been touched by the coronavirus and have been affected with symptoms ranging from no to mild symptoms to hospitalizations,” a university spokesperson said of the hospitalizations earlier this month, prior to Lang’s death. School officials said they were praying for all the infected students to recover.

University of Dayton’s outbreak peaked at the end of the summer, causing officials to shift the first few weeks of learning to be virtual. In September, in-person classes resumed as the case numbers subsided.

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