Two brothers and a sister are looking for a family to adopt them, but they have only one condition

Two brothers and a sister hope to find a forever home together and a loving family that will adopt them. But they have only one condition for those willing to adopt them.

12-year-old twins Kanyon and Analea, along with their 14-year-old brother, Justus, long for a loving family that will share their Christian faith!

Life was not easy for Justus, Kanyon, and Analea. But you can’t help but feel inspired by these three siblings when you see their positivity despite the tough times.

The source of that kind of hope and perseverance must undoubtedly come from their Christian faith. Besides praying that they stay together during their adoption, these sweet children also hope that their new home will love Jesus as much as they do.

As Justus, Kanyon, and Analea answer questions about their adoption goals, you can quickly see how close these siblings are.

It’s heartwarming to see Kanyon jump up and brag to her sister as she explains how her good grades are a source of pride.

Justus is the older brother and natural protector of the twins. And he is most proud of how he got out of the bad times.

He cares for his twin brother and sister and desperately wants the three of them to stay together through adoption.

“I really want to be in a family with my siblings and people who will let me be who I want to be,” he explained.

These brothers and sisters hold fast to their Christian faith. And they want to grow even more in their walk with Jesus.

And that means finding a home that supports and encourages their beliefs.

We know that God has great plans for these children. And we pray that a family will soon welcome these siblings into their home with love and nurture their passion for Christ!

Meet the siblings through this video here.

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