Teen donating items to children with cancer as part of a project in memory of a friend

As a result of the death of her friend Brady Gabbard this summer, a student at Lawrenceburg High School wants to help other kids who are going through the same thing.

“He was a really outgoing kid,” Kensington Harrison said of her friend. Despite the fact that he was diagnosed with cancer, Brady maintained his positive attitude. He was so outgoing, and there are so many kids who are probably down because of all the bad news they’re hearing, so maybe this will keep their energy up, and I can try to be a light in the darkness.”

Harrison is gathering a variety of comfort goods such as coloring books, board games, fuzzy socks, stuffed animals, crayons, toys, and blankets, amongst other things.

“Even the smallest gestures may brighten someone’s day,” she remarked. “They can be so down and then one little thing that you do can change their whole mood, so it’s just the little things that matter.”

Her activities are part of her community service initiative as the Pure International Miss Indiana Junior Teen, but she is not working alone on this project. Afterward, Harrison asked Brady’s mother if she would be willing to help her donate items in Brady’s memory.

“This is what he would want. For me to keep going and stay busy and he would want to give back, too, so we’re doing this in Brady’s memory and specifically on the oncology floor where Brady was to keep the kids busy,” said Jennifer Gabbard.

A community came together to support the Gabbard family when Brady was diagnosed with stage four renal cell cancer.

“It was a tremendous amount of support. I can’t thank anybody enough for the amount of calls and donations and just their support in being there. Some items can’t take away the illness, but they can take their mind off it for a little bit,” Jennifer said.

Until April 27, donations may be dropped off at Lawrenceburg High School or the Greendale Police Department.

After that, they will be given to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital the next day.

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