Researchers Need More Teens to Try COVID-19 Vaccine

John Kachuba has had both full doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and so far, he says he’s feels great.

But for the next two years, researchers will be checking to make sure his doses were safe and effective.

“Usually get a blood stick, blood draw, quick COVID test—which isn’t anything like what people complain about—and keep a diary on an app, (a) cell phone app, press a button no symptoms or yes. And that’s it,” said Kachuba.

In order to get to that point, he got Pfizer Pharmaceutical’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Donna Percy is the president of the Sterling Research Group in Cincinnati. She says so far, they’ve given it to more than 400 adults, but now they need teenagers.

“Just a couple weeks ago, Pfizer amended their protocol to allow younger kids, so that just started a couple weeks ago, and we’ve enrolled two, maybe,” said Percy.

She says they’re targeting teens 16 and up and are trying to get more teens to sign up this month.

“Kids are big carriers of the virus. Even though they are asymptomatic, they do carry it, so they can spread it to grandma, grandpa, parents teachers,” said Percy.

She says they still need adults, too. They’re testing COVID-19 vaccines from different manufacturers in the weeks ahead and will be following the patients to make sure it’s safe and works.

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