Police ask public’s help after minor Ohio girl escapes from the hands of a perpetrator following an alleged abduction, assault

Lancaster, Ohio – Authorities in Lancaster are looking for a suspect for his role in a child abduction and assault incident on Thursday.

According to a press release from the Lancaster Police Department on Friday, the female youngster, who was able to escape from the suspect, was allegedly kidnapped and assaulted by an unknown male near the junction of W. Wheeling Street and Harrison Avenue around 8:17 a.m. Thursday.

After fleeing the suspect’s hostage, the girl contacted police to report the case. She provided a description of the suspect to authorities, saying he has a substantial build, short brown hair, and is probably balding. He was dressed in a heavy camouflage coat, a black gaiter-style mask, and black jeans.

The offender is suspected to be driving a 1987-1991 Ford F-150 extended bed truck with a sun visor-style roof that extends over the windshield and a “headache rack” behind the vehicle’s rear window, according to police.

According to authorities, a rectangular item seemed to be in the bed of the truck at the time of the crime. In addition, according to Lancaster police, the vehicle’s front tires may have blacked-out or no rims at all, while the rear tires have silver rims.

Anyone with information is urged to get in touch with the Lancaster Police Department at (740) 687-6680.

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