Parents kiss their baby girl one last time before switching off life support, but then the father noticed something unusual

They kissed their little girl, who they thought was going to die, for the last time, but then an unexpected miracle happened.

In the picture above, parents Francesca and Lee kiss their sweet little girl, Bella, goodbye.

But then, the whole room witnessed a miracle, and those tears of pain quickly turned into tears of joy!

For Bella, the problems started a few months before this picture was taken, when her hair started falling out in big clumps.

Over the next few months, her health only worsened as doctors tried to figure out exactly what had gone wrong.

After being admitted to intensive care, an MRI revealed abnormalities on the entire surface of Bela’s brain, and the poor girl was in a very critical condition.

Doctors told Francesca and Lee that nothing more could be done for their little girl.

With a broken heart, the parents took the prints of their little girl’s hands and feet as a memory, took the last real family photo and tearfully said goodbye to their little girl for the last time.

With a heavy heart, the family watched as the medics took Bella off the ventilator.

“I was just sitting there thinking, “Why us?” It was unbearable. “I will never forget the moment I had to say goodbye to my daughter,” her mother said.

But just moments after the respirators were turned off, the unthinkable happened.

“I was holding her hand, and I was aware that she was going to take a little last breath,” her father said.

“I could feel her hand relax and start to fall, but then she started squeezing my finger. She started moving on her own, and the machine started again.”

From that moment on, everything got better. Not long after that, Bella started to move and cry.

The doctors came to her aid and tried with all their efforts to save her, and after 30 minutes, the girl who was not supposed to be alive returned to a completely normal level of oxygen.

Bella completely amazed the doctors with her miraculous constipation. Doctors then concluded that Bella suffers from a very rare genetic disease that causes the body’s inability to produce the essential vitamin biotin.

If this disease is not treated, it leads to death. Now that little Bella has been properly diagnosed, the disease can be kept under control with various additives and supplements.

After exceeding all expectations, Bella’s condition only improved over the next two months.

Her hair has grown back, and she is now home with her family, walking, talking, and enjoying the most ordinary activities of an almost two-year-old girl.

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