Parents decided to have a lewd beach adventure; what they did to their toddler landed them in jail

People walking along a beach were met with the sight of a helpless toddler buried in sand under the scorching sun with no adult around. Passersby were stunned to see the 2-year-old child trapped under the blistering heat while the parents were frolicking on the beach with no care.

After confining their daughter to a position where she wouldn’t be able to disturb them, the mother and father reportedly started making out on the beach before going into the water. Continuing with their “obscene display,” the couple shifted themselves to have se- in the water. This is when witnesses began calling the police to inform them that a child was buried all the way to her neck in the sand and was unsupervised on the beach in the hot sun.

About 45 minutes after people on the beach called the emergency number, the police finally arrived at the spot and arrested the couple. The toddler, who was finally rescued from the torturous position, was “hungry and sunburnt”, as described by the police.

“It was about 95 degrees Fahrenheit, so imagine what that poor little girl was like,” a source said. Also with the couple was a second man, who managed to escape from the scene before the arrival of the cops.

At first, the child’s parents tried to resist being arrested but were eventually taken into custody after the police discovered drugs in the mother’s handbag. The cops revealed that cannabis and ecstasy were found in the bag. Both parents were 29 years old. Following the incident, the toddler was placed in temporary care after her entire body, barring only her head, was buried in the sweltering heat.


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