Ohio tops 600,000 coronavirus cases since pandemic began

Ohio – The state health department is reporting 9,684 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, and Ohio has topped 600,000 total coronavirus cases since the pandemic began.

Ohio also reported 73 deaths, 398 hospitalizations and 47 admissions to ICUs statewide. These numbers are around the 21-averages, which have significantly increased in the last couple months.

In comparison, on Sept. 29, the state was reporting a 21-day average of just 996 cases, 23 deaths and 69 hospitalizations. Just 11 people, on average, were being admitted to ICUs.

As vaccinations begin to be distributed and administered around the state and the nation, health experts say we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel; however, they also stress the importance of maintaining the strict safety protocols needed to keep people safe until the vaccine has been widely distributed.

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