North Texas disaster response teams prepare for weeks-long assistance in Mississippi

North Texas disaster response teams are gearing up for a daunting task ahead as they prepare to spend several weeks in Mississippi, assisting with recovery efforts following last week’s devastating tornadoes.

Despite the looming possibility of more severe weather later this week, Minuteman Disaster Response has rallied at least two dozen volunteers to deploy to Amory, MS, where an EF-3 tornado wrought havoc on Friday.

The response teams, who are no strangers to natural disasters, have already set up a command center in town, and Randy Rogan, one of the lead coordinators, expressed shock and disbelief at the level of destruction. He expects the crews to spend most of their time clearing debris from properties.

“We’ll have chain saw crews going, we’ll have people pulling behind those chain saw crews,” he said. “We’re bringing in skid steer tractors with grapple hooks, to be able to move this stuff.”

As they delve deeper into the disaster zone, John Hall, a representative from Texas Baptist Men, acknowledged that in some cases, their teams may just be pushing debris off foundations.

“In many of these towns, in many of these cities, this is a complete restart,” he said.

While the immediate response will last for weeks, if not months, the teams remain resolute in their determination to help those affected by the tornadoes. Despite the harsh and unpredictable weather conditions, the disaster response teams remain committed to providing support and relief to the communities affected by this calamity.


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