Man strangles his girlfriend to death, suffers a fatal heart attack in an act of concealment

A deeply disturbing series of events unfolded in South Carolina, as a man suffered a fatal heart attack while in the act of concealing the body of his deceased girlfriend in their backyard.

Joseph McKinnon, aged 60, strangled his 65-year-old girlfriend, Patricia Dent, in their shared residence and then bound her and wrapped her in trash bags before putting her in a previously dug pit, according to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office.

This tragic series of events came to an abrupt and ironic end when McKinnon suffered a heart attack before he could complete the gruesome task.

Following calls regarding an “unresponsive male lying in his yard,” local law enforcement arrived on the scene, where they initially discovered McKinnon’s lifeless body, stated Sheriff Jody Rowland in a press release.

Upon further searches of the premises, officers discovered Ms. Dent’s body in a freshly dug grave.

McKinnon is believed to have experienced what authorities have referred to as a “cardiac event” while filling the pit up with dirt.

Further details surrounding the motivation for the alleged assault on Ms. Dent within their home remain the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Autopsies on the couple found that McKinnon died of a heart attack. Dent was found to have died by strangulation.

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