Man from Florida was sentenced to more than 5 years in prison for his involvement in the Capitol riots, the longest sentence so far

The 54-year-old Robert Palmer of Largo, Florida, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 63 months in prison for his involvement in the Jan.6 Capitol riot, multiple sources reported.

So far, this is the longest prison sentence regarding the Capitol riot incident.

Palmer was caught on video spraying Capitol police with a fire extinguisher and then throwing the canister at them.

Days after the incident, Palmer’s photos even appeared on the most popular news outlets including New York Times. At the time of the incident, Palmer wore an American flag jacket that said “Florida for Trump” to the Capitol, and images of him were splashed across the internet almost instantly.

In the upcoming period, Palmer made it to the headlines and spoke with reporters from Huffington Post claiming that he did nothing wrong with his involvement in the Capitol riot.

He then blamed Biden and the White House administration for going after American patriots like him.

“Proud American patriot who went to DC to support our president and to witness the overturn of the election,” this is how Palmer described himself after opening a special website asking for donation for his defense.

However, almost a year after the incident, Palmer pleaded guilty to assault charges back in October.

His attorney then said he had a change of heart, telling a judge his client is “remorseful” for his actions.

Prosecutors asked for 63 months, or over 5 years, in federal prison. Palmer’s attorneys asked for two years.

On Friday, Palmer was sentenced to 63 months in prison after the judge agreed with the prosecutors’ recommendation.

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