Man entrusted with his girlfriend’s baby commits horrific acts; mother wasn’t aware of what her child was experiencing while she was at work

A mother entrusted her 18-month-old baby girl to her boyfriend while she was at work, but she was not aware that instead of taking care of the baby, her boyfriend had other horrific plans that eventually led to the little girl’s death.

As per reports, the 25-year-old boyfriend, Gabriel, had been staying with the woman he had been dating for three months, and she suspected nothing after leaving her baby alone with Gabriel a few times. However, the grandmother raised the alarm after arriving one day at their apartment to find the baby unconscious.

When the grandmother discovered the young girl, later identified as Sharon, she was unconscious and wearing vomit-stained clothing. The grandmother immediately rushed her to the hospital.

When checked by doctors, Sharon was found to have not only suffered injuries caused by se-ual abuse but also showed signs of having been beaten over and over again. Local news said that the helpless child died of her injuries on January 11.

Apart from the recent injuries caused by se-ual abuse, the doctors also found other injuries that were previously inflicted on the girl’s body and had remained untreated. The results from her autopsy stated that Sharon was “repeatedly hit.”

The investigative judge, who went through the autopsy report, described the baby’s ordeal before her death as “pure horror.” The injuries were so severe that the medical report deemed it impossible for the injuries to have been caused by an accident.

Trying to cover his tracks, Gabriel lied on the day baby Sharon was admitted to the hospital and claimed that the wounds were the result of the baby’s own actions. The man claimed that Sharon pulled a heater on top of herself, resulting in the injuries.

When the boyfriend found out that the police were looking to arrest him, he escaped from his girlfriend’s apartment and hid in his mother’s residence, but the police eventually caught up with him. As he was being arrested, Gabriel claimed to have seen Sharon showing signs of breathing difficulties, and he thought she was sick.

The investigation into Sharon’s death is still underway.


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