Man charged with aggravated assault after violent altercation at Dayton bar

Dayton, Ohio – A man, identified as James Orcutt, has been accused of committing aggravated assault following a violent altercation at Kenny’s Bar in Dayton. Orcutt allegedly stabbed another man six times in the back, as seen in a video recording of the incident. The victim was thrown to the ground, and Orcutt repeatedly stabbed him.

The assault occurred during the early hours of Saturday morning, as per a police report. According to the report, Orcutt can be seen leaving the video frame and then coming back with a big knife. The victim was seen being thrown to the ground before being repeatedly stabbed by Orcutt. Orcutt was seen on the same footage leaving the bar with his girlfriend.

The victim is recovering from his injuries, and Orcutt has been arrested without incident after it was found he was staying at the Scottish Inn on Rhea County Highway in Dayton. The authorities are continuing to investigate the crime.

Aggravated assault is a serious offense, and the victim may experience long-lasting physical and emotional effects. The police and other law enforcement agencies take these incidents seriously and will not hesitate to apprehend the perpetrator.


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