Lawsuit filed in connection with the fatal school shooting at Uvalde

A lawyer in the state of Texas has initiated legal action on behalf of four children who were hurt in the shooting that took place at Robb Elementary School.

On May 24, 19 students and two teachers were among those who were killed in the attack. There were at least 17 other children and adults who were hurt.

All of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit are between the ages of nine and ten.

The estate of the shooter is the target of the legal action that has been initiated. On the other hand, Thomas J. Henry and his team have said that they are exploring every potential legal alternative.

According to statements made by Henry in a press release, “This initial lawsuit will allow us to discover evidence and possibly add other parties to the lawsuit, if necessary. The discovery process will focus on the school system, law enforcement, social media, and gun and ammunition manufacturers.”

They are looking into what happened before, during, and after the school shooting. They want to know how the shooter got the guns and ammunition, how he got into the school, and how the police handled the situation.

Henry and his team are also investigating the matter to see whether the shooter made any possible warning signs or threats of violence that were not reported to the relevant agencies.

Henry also said that there is the option of adding other parties to the case if it is deemed necessary, and that they want to learn why the incident occurred and how it may have been avoided.

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