Kettering police to hold press conference in order to provide update on mailbox theft arrests

Kettering, Ohio – The Kettering Police Department has released an announcement that arrests have been made in connection with the recent thefts that occurred at post offices in the area.

It is possible to unlock all blue post office boxes using these keys.

On Saturday and Sunday, robbers struck Kettering and Beavercreek mail boxes, stealing hundreds of packages.

According to the police, there have been a total of 26 mailbox thefts recently at the Washington Township post office located on Paragon Road.

Thousands of dollars have been diverted to a different account as a result of checks that have been photocopied, changed, or altered in some other way. The police have advised that you avoid using the exterior drop boxes and instead use the post office to mail any letters.

During a news conference that will take place at the Kettering Police Department at three o’clock in the afternoon, the police will provide an update to the community on these arrests.

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