Heart transplant surgery successfully performed on a 3-year-old boy

Cincinnati, Ohio – A heart transplant has been performed on a three-year-old who was born with an extremely unusual birth abnormality.

Having been born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, Sammy Jones has had four prior open-heart operations throughout his life.

The Berlin Heart, a machine that replaces the function of the heart, saved his life.

Jones was forced to spend most of his time near his hospital bed as a result of this, but that might soon change.

Sammy’s father, Garland Jones, confirmed his son’s heart transplantation on April 3 in a Facebook post to the family’s “Super Sammy’s Heart Journey” group.

The heart transplant was performed at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

On April 4, his father wrote to the group, saying that Sammy had been taken off the Berlin Heart and was now on a bypass machine.

Sammy’s birthday is just days away.

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