Group of sadists facing multiple charges after luring a man online for a date and torturing him for hours

Online communication can be dangerous, and authorities are always advising people to be careful. We’ve seen many cases where people have been scammed or put their own lives in danger in the search for their soul mate.

A 24-year-old man recently experienced a terrifying situation in which he could have ended up dead. According to reports, the man went on a date with a woman he had been talking to online and thought he was going to “get laid.” Instead, he was tortured for hours and stabbed multiple times.

According to authorities, the attractive girl he had been communicating with set him a trap, as it turned out she was a member of a group of sadists. The abducted man was tortured for almost a day, stabbed multiple times and even burned with a flame.

The meeting took place in an apartment, and upon the arrival of the man at around 1 a.m., he was immediately attacked by three men and the torture began. The group then called the victim’s brother on a FaceTime call and demanded a ransom of $100,000.

The victim was then relocated from the apartment and put in the back of a van, where he was found after authorities tracked down one of the suspected accomplices, J. Vargas. Officers said the victim was barely alive when they found him.

He had a lot of burns and stab marks on his face, body, back, and legs. He was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Following the alleged luring, the 22-year-old woman, V. Rosario, is facing charges of abduction and attempted murder in connection with the sick scheme, according to court documents.

Rosario appeared in court in N.Y. last week and denied all the allegations against her.

Rosario was remanded in custody by a judge, who highlighted the seriousness of the allegations against her.

Vargas and the other accused kidnapper were both remanded in custody after being detained and charged with kidnapping earlier this week.

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