Four pit bulls attacked a 97-year-old woman in her backyard, minutes later an unlikely hero jumps to the rescue

There are literally countless stories of dogs saving their owners’ lives by putting themselves in danger.

However, there are relatively few cases in which cats have stepped in to rescue their owners from danger. As lovable as they are, they’re not the most loyal of creatures, or are they?

For 97-year-old Sophie, she owes her life to her furry feline, aptly named Tiger, after she was met with a scary situation in her backyard.

At 97 years old, Sophie still loves to work outside in her backyard.

On a beautiful sunny day, she stepped outside and decided to do some all-important weeding.

But, as she stood back up, she found herself face-to-face with four aggressive pit bulls.

“All of a sudden, it was four big pit bulls rushing in, and they surrounded me,” she explained in the video below.

“They kept going around and around. One of them kind of lunged for me, and I hit him on the head, and he backed off.”

“Then another one kind of came up, and I was scared stiff.”

Luckily, her only injury at this point was a graze, but she was still surrounded by the aggressive dogs.

Then she spotted her cat, Tiger, who knew her human mom was in danger and decided to distract the scary pack to save her.

Tiger gets the dogs’ attention and then races to the garage, leading the mob away from her terrified owner and giving her enough time to run indoors.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in my life,” she said.

Sophie wasn’t sure if her cat would survive the encounter, but just minutes later, Tiger was back meowing at the door.

Sophie said “I do not know what would have happened if my cat hadn’t jumped in. She’s very close to me and follows me around. She’s very friendly with me because I live alone.”

The dogs had escaped from the home of one of Sophie’s neighbors, who was fined $300 for letting the dogs escape, and her dogs were quarantined for 10 days.

Find out more about this terrifying experience from Sophie herself in this video.


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