Dying 5-year-old boy has one last wish, a surprising event takes place then

For most people, it is heartbreaking when they hear that someone suffering and battling a disease is given little time to live, especially if the person in question is a young child who hasn’t even experienced the beauties of life. When this community learned about this boy’s faith and wish, they came together and made sure he would enjoy and have the best time ever in his last few weeks of life by throwing a surprise.

This 5-year-old boy was diagnosed with brain cancer at 11 months old and has been battling the disease ever since, but recently his parents learned the shocking truth that their boy has only several weeks left to live.

Two weeks ago, Alex’s family learned that the experimental treatment that had helped him for years was no longer working. Doctors informed his parents that the disease was terminal and that the boy didn’t have much time left to live. 

One of Alex’s last wishes was to see monsters and visit a haunted house. Unfortunately, he is not allowed to travel, so the family decided to bring monsters to him. A friend of the family, Paula, created a post on social media, which quickly became a viral hit. The response from the community was amazing.

“I started crying. It was incredible,” Paula said.

In just three days, the street where Alex’s family lived was closed and a huge Halloween parade was held there, with monsters, ghosts, witches, and zombies.

Hundreds of people disguised themselves to fulfill the wish of a sick child.

Alex was overjoyed and kept waving to the audience.

“So many people came together to make the evening amazing. Alex waved to every single person in the crowd. He knew it was just for him… You could see the love in his eyes.”

“We never expected so many people to help.” It was something special. I have no words. Unknown people got together, and it was wonderful to see,” said the boy’s father.

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