Challenging travel conditions in Miami Valley due to forecasted snow, ice, freezing rain

Dayton, Ohio – Miami Valley residents may face challenging travel conditions on Friday morning due to the snow, ice, and freezing rain forecasted for Thursday.

Meteorologists said the weather will be cold but dry in the morning hours and rain, freezing rain or sleet is expected to arrive later in the day around 4 p.m.

Depending on where you live, this may change to more than an inch of snow in northern counties and less than half an inch of ice across the Valley. Drivers should pay more attention while driving because the roads may be very slippery. A low of 24 degrees is forecast for the night.

Friday morning might begin with a snow shower before becoming cloudy and chilly for the remainder of the day. The highest temperature overnight will be 35 degrees.

As the sun returns to the Miami Valley, it is expected that the roads will dry up over the next several days.

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