Baby born with a serious body deformity left many, even doctors, shocked

Every year, approximately 3 to 6% of infants are born with serious birth defects, and an estimated 240,000 newborns die within a month of birth due to birth defects.

The most common severe birth defects are heart defects, neutral tube defects, and Down syndrome.

Despite the fact that babies with serious birth defects are not uncommon, doctors were clearly taken aback by the defect this child was born with. The baby was born with a serious deformation to its body.

Doctors were speechless after a mother delivered a baby with a horn-like structure instead of legs. They, and the mother as well, were stunned by the horn-like structure that protruded from below the body.

The newborn, who was delivered on August 26th, is being referred to as a “miracle baby.” The baby was underdeveloped and weighed only 2.31 pounds, which is less than usual. Because it was underdeveloped, it needed extra medical care while it was in the hospital.

The baby was said to be in stable condition despite the unusual circumstances.

The cause of this abnormality is something that medical professionals are currently exploring. Some experts in the field of medicine are of the opinion that birth defects can occasionally be attributed to a lack of adequate nutrition received by the fetus while still within the mother’s body.

The case of the newborn with horn-like anatomy has also confused the internet at large. People all around the world are speechless as a result of the photographs and videos of the newborn that have been circulating on the internet.

Even though this left many shocked, it is not the first time doctors have seen anything out of the ordinary.

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