10-year-old girl walked 5 miles to school and her father drove behind her and filmed; The video hides a horrible truth

A father decided to punish his daughter because she was bullying other children. And he decided on a very unusual method.

Matt punished his 10-year-old daughter Kirsten by making her walk five miles to school in the cold.

He told news outlets that he knew the video would divide opinion but that he wanted to teach his daughter a lesson.

The video became one of the most popular on social networks, and the parent was widely criticized. Matt explained why he decided on this method as a punishment for his little girl.

“I know that not all parents will agree with this, and that’s okay. I’m doing what I think is right to teach my daughter to stop bullying other students. Parents should hold their children responsible,” Mat said.

“In this way, I showed that I consider my child responsible for the actions he takes. I will not be another parent who will ignore the problems and say, “Well, they are just children,” Matt added.

He decided to punish his daughter because she mistreated her peers for the second time and received a suspension; she is not allowed to go to school for three days.

“Now he has a new perspective on malting and appreciates the things he usually takes for granted,” said Matt.

Watch the video here.

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