Woman calls 911 after husband starts acting crazy, police discover the reason for his behavior in seconds

A woman called 911 for help after her husband started exhibiting signs of anxiety while they were watching television. Police also arrived at the location in response to the report.

The woman’s husband was only identified as a 53-year-old man.

Per reports, the man was unloading groceries from the car when he found “special” brownies in the back seat and proceeded to eat four of them. His wife says that while they were watching TV, he started to show signs of “bad anxiety.”

She called paramedics, who found her husband’s physical condition to be normal, though they did take note of his rather odd behavior, which included crawling around on the floor, randomly cursing, and referring to the cat as “b*tch”—perhaps thinking it was a female dog.

When police arrived, they conducted an investigation and discovered that the brownies had been baked by one of the children and contained cannabis inside, according to a police report. As for the brownie-dosed husband, he was put to bed and the investigation into the incident was closed, police said.

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