Warehouse damaged after three vehicles caught fire

Bethel Township, Ohio – Three vehicles caught fire behind a Bethel Township company on Friday, causing extensive damage to the surrounding property and a nearby building.

The Bethel Township Fire Department was sent to the scene of a semi-trailer fire outside of the National Storage and Sandblasting building. When fire crews got on the site, they discovered that two semi-trailers and an RV had caught fire, and that the flames were causing serious damage to the warehouse.

According to Bethel Township Fire, firefighters were able to put out the blaze before it caused too much damage to the structure. There have been no reports of injuries, and no one was inside the vehicles or the building at the time of the fire, which started in the parking lot.

At this point, Bethel Township Fire said it is unable to determine what caused the fire. The investigation into this incident is still ongoing.

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