Two people facing aggravated robbery charges after attacking a clerk at a gas station in Springfield

Springfield, Ohio – According to court records in Clark County, two individuals who took over $600 in products from Shell after attacking the clerk are now facing aggravated robbery charges.

On Thursday evening, police officers were sent to the Shell on West North Street and found the clerk beaten behind the counter. Matthew Parrish, 33, of Dayton, and Ruby Arden, 32, of Springfield, were arrested.

Court documents say that Arden and Parrish kicked and struck the victim multiple times while Arden had a hammer in her hand.

Additionally, a baseball bat was discovered near the victim, according to court filings. “Officers were unsure whether the baseball bat was used by the victim or the suspects,” the report states.

Police found the products, including cigarettes, energy drinks, and alcohol, that were stolen from the suspect in Arden’s pickup truck in the parking lot.

The clerk suffered multiple cuts and bruises on his face in the robbery.

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