This is what the life of a stingy person looks like, she digs through garbage and doesn’t buy toilet paper

Some people trying to save money do things you can’t even imagine.

Can you imagine life without toilet paper? Buying it is completely normal for us “average people,” but this woman thinks that using toilet paper is a complete waste of money.

This is what life looks like for a woman who is so stingy that she doesn’t want to “throw money away,” even on toilet paper.

Kate has been living in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. The city is expensive, but she says that over time she has learned to save on many things, bargain, or even give up buying some things that others consider necessary.

Shopping in normal stores can be a challenge because the cashiers don’t like to haggle, but that’s why flea markets are places where you feel much more comfortable.

There are also special places where no money is used and you can exchange items with other people.

She often digs through the garbage and also uses tissues from public toilets.

Her apartment is full of other people’s trash, which she happily uses because it’s all free.

For example, instead of a bed, he uses yoga mats that someone wanted to throw away. She uses the dishwasher as storage because she doesn’t want to waste water, and she also gave up the gas stove.

In her closet, she has a box full of free copies of various things she’s gotten online or at various stores.

You will be surprised when you see how she “washes” her clothes, and after defecation, she uses soap and water instead of toilet paper.

She shares her story in this video.

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