Study showed that besides the well-know benefits of trees, planting them can also have a positive impact on economy

Dayton, Ohio – Besides the well-known benefits of trees, such as improving soil and water conservation, storing carbon, modifying the local climate by providing shade, improving air quality, and having a positive impact on people’s health in general, surprisingly, a recent study conducted by a public policy company located in Columbus showed that planting trees may also have a beneficial effect on the state’s economy.

The percentage of land that is covered by trees in the City of Dayton is currently 29%. According to the information provided by Dayton officials, the ideal percentage of the city’s land covered by trees would be closer to fifty percent.

The city of Dayton would have to spend $28 million to reach the ideal tree coverage in the city, according to the study conducted by the public policy company, Scioto Analysis.

Despite the fact that this is a substantial amount of money to be spent on planting trees, researchers from Scioto Analysis said that it is a great investment for the city and does pay off economically since they estimated that Dayton might get a net return of $7.4 million dollars.

This return would come from the economic benefit of preventing stormwater runoff, conserving energy, reducing air pollution, preventing crime, and sequestering carbon dioxide.

The director of public works for the city of Dayton, Fred Stovall, refused to comment on the city’s tree planting efforts.

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