Sobriety checkpoints conducted in Dayton to contribute improving statistics shown in FBI data related to crashes

Dayton, Ohio – Although DUI and DWI-related arrests decreased by almost a third on a national level from 2010 to 2019, FBI data shows that one person dies every 45 minutes due to an alcohol-related crash, suggesting that there is more to be done.

In an effort to reduce the number of drivers operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs and thereby reduce the number of crashes that, in the majority of cases, according to the data of the FBI, turn out to be fatal for someone, agencies around the country, such as the Combine Agency OVI Task Force in Montgomery County, often conduct sobriety checks.

In such an effort, the Combine Agency OVI Task Force conducted a sobriety checkpoint in Dayton on Saturday night.

According to a press release by the OSHP, the checkpoints were located along North Gettysburg, close to the Kings Highway.

2150 N. Gettysburg Ave. served as the location of the first checkpoint.

The authorities said that a total of 188 vehicles were recorded passing through the checkpoint, with 20 of them being diverted, while the drivers of 7 vehicles did not have a valid driver’s license.

The press release indicates that 30 people had their licences suspended and two warrants were served.

In the vicinity of the first checkpoint, the saturation patrol conducted nine stops, discovered four drivers operating their vehicles without licenses, and issued three warnings. The licenses of thirty different drivers were discovered to be suspended.

One vehicle tried to evade, prompting a police chase, and one felony arrest was made.

One motorist was arrested for OVI at 3108 N. Gettysburg Ave., which served as the location of the second checkpoint. A total of 15 drivers drove through the checkpoint.

One individual was discovered to be driving while their license was suspended, one person was found to be driving without a license, and one warrant was served. An adult as well as two children were discovered to be traveling without their seatbelts on.

In the period between January 2018 and February 2022, there were more than 2,600 accidents in Montgomery County that were caused by drunk driving. Of those crashes, 533 occurred in Dayton.

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