Santa Claus visits the Dayton Mall to take pictures with kids

Dayton, Ohio – The year has been tough but Santa’s around, stopping at the Dayton Mall and all around town. Kids can take pictures with Santa this time, but they must stand six feet apart as they all wait in line.

This season is different, and traditions have changed, but with Santa around things are a little less strange. With safe accommodations and sanitizing too, kids can visit with Santa if they follow the rules. The CDC said to keep distant and clean, so Santa can be visited from behind a screen! We’re afraid there’s no sitting on Santa’s lap for this year, but familiar traditions can help chase away fears. Especially when all the precautions are taken, and Santa’s workshop is cleaned while the next kid is waitin’. Touch points are sanitized, and the bench is wiped down, and it helps keep the smiles from turning to frowns.

The grown-ups are smiling under their masks, as they wave at Santa as he completes his tasks. COVID-19 might have changed lots of things, but seeing Santa brings back some normalcy. Families can celebrate the holiday, as long as the follow the rules and stay safe.

If you want to visit with Santa sometime, you can go here and reserve a time.

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