Parents prepare to bury their dead baby, shocked to see what they got instead of the body from the hospital

A heartbroken family suffered the excruciating ordeal of being given a grotesque substitute instead of the body of their baby girl, who passed away during childbirth. The parents were getting ready for the funeral of their dead daughter when the father found out that the hospital gave them something else instead of the baby’s body.

The mother, Jari, was 28 weeks into her pregnancy when she was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, she lost her daughter while giving birth to her. Eventually, the family received what they thought was their daughter’s body and began planning for her last rites. But before the funeral, the father, Daniel, decided to take a look at his daughter’s body and discovered the shocking blunder that the hospital made. When the morgue assistant opened the polystyrene box, they found a red plastic bag that contained a pair of latex gloves inside. And in place of what was supposed to be their baby’s body, they found a large rat lying dead inside the box.

“It was opened, what was found is the body of a rodent, it was a rat that looks like a possum,” Daniel said. Absolutely shattered by the hospital’s mixup, the family demanded the hospital to hand over the body of their daughter but saw them fumble to locate her remains.

“At the hospital they gave us a dead rat; I demand they give us the girl,” said their cousin, who wrote on social media and pressured the hospital to find the child’s body. Days after the baby’s death, the hospital still had no answer to give the family, who desperately want to give the little one a proper burial. “The only thing I ask for is justice and my baby so I can give her a Christian burial,” Daniel was quoted telling a local news outlet.

After seeing the family’s outrage, the hospital released a statement, where they apologized to the family for the horrendous mistake. The hospital also mentioned that they were carrying out an internal investigation to find out what happened before the polystyrene box reached the hands of the family.

“We want to inform you that for transparency purposes we have initiated an internal investigation and made the investigation of what happened in your care process available to the competent authorities, who will also be in charge of providing you with information about what happened,” the hospital said in their statement. “For what happened we apologise and make ourselves available for whatever you require as a family.”

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