Ohio drivers can change their license plates starting Wednesday

Columbus, Ohio – On Wednesday, Ohio’s new license plate design, which drew criticism on social media immediately after its unveiling, became the new state standard.

A skyline, agricultural field, waterway, hills, and a child hanging from a tree alongside a dog represent the state’s future generations in the “Sunrise in Ohio” design.

However, it was the plane at the top of the license plate, which was designed to commemorate Dayton’s Wright brothers, that led the state to make a last-minute change.

In the original design, the plane’s “Birthplace of Aviation” banner was attached to the wrong end of the plane. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles admitted the mistake after it had already begun producing plates.

On social media, the North Carolina Department of Transportation mocked the mistake, saying, “Y’all leave Ohio alone. They wouldn’t know. They weren’t there.”

The standard license plate in Ohio hasn’t been changed since 2013. Over the last 20 years, four new standard designs have been introduced.

On Wednesday, Dec. 29, drivers will be able to order the “Sunrise in Ohio” plate online at bmv.ohio.gov and at all local deputy registrar sites.

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