Man abused and killed a 6-year-old girl, crowd beat him and burned him alive

A mob burned a man to death because they thought he had r-ped and killed a six-year-old girl. It was a horrible act of “jungle justice.”

Alfredo was accused of killing and raping the child, named locally as Jarid. He was then beaten and tied to a big red pole, where he sat and was berated by the mob in a small village.

They then throw him onto the grass and kick him in the head before his hands are again tied as he struggles. Gas was poured over his body and set alight. The last of three sickening video clips shows the moment Alfredo is thrown across the dirt and grass, beaten while on the ground, tied and burned alive in a garden.

The brutal clip shows the hogtied man writhing around in a blue hoody and jeans as three-foot-high yellow flames eat his body. He can be heard shrieking and screaming in agony above the crowds’ whistles and jeers as they watch him suffer and die. The girl’s aunt allegedly tried to take the suspect to the police beforehand, but the angry mob of villagers told her that he was not going to leave the community alive.

Jarid was reported as missing on Thursday and her body was found the next day. Police later arrived at the scene but were unable to save the suspect’s life. The authorities said in a statement that citizens are not allowed to take matters into their own hands and vowed to launch an ongoing investigation into the suspect’s death. We are republishing this story amid recent reports that suggest many US states are recording record highs in sexual assault incidents. Watch the video here

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