He fought every obstacle after having a terrible accident as a child, now he shares his incredible story about faith in God

God works miracles every second of every day. All you have to do is look around you.

This man had a terrible accident at the age of 2 while playing in the backyard of his family home, which left him with terrible burns all over his body.

But today, Chris is the father of two beautiful daughters, and although it is difficult for him to find a regular job due to his condition, he still gives glory to God in everything.

His suffering began when, as a small child, he wandered into a backyard shed, where he spilled a can of gasoline and suffered burns after the water heater light came on and the gas ignited.

This resulted in him being engulfed in flames and suffering 98% burns all over his body. His mother rescued him and took him to the hospital, but doctors gave him only a 1% chance of survival.

The family trusted God, not doctors’ prognoses.

At such a moment, his family decided to trust God and not the medical reports and continued to pray over him, which resulted in a miracle for Chris.

He survived that terrible accident, spending a lot of time in hospitals where he had more than 200 operations, but Chris still remained positive because of his faith in Jesus Christ.

Chris has never let his past experiences get him down, instead saying, “I’ve always found the positive in everything.”

“I had this big old smile on my face because I knew God was with me… It wasn’t just my own strength, God was with me the whole time.”

As he relied on God, God worked in his life in wonderful ways. Although doctors told him he would not be able to have children, Chris has two daughters.

But life is difficult for disabled people like him because, all his life, he has been strangely observed, questioned, and judged because of his appearance.

Employers consider him “physically incapable.”

This was also one of the reasons why he could not find work, although he says he tried to look for work as a computer technician because employers considered him “physically unfit” for the job.

Tomlinson and his family ended up homeless, but Chris still stuck to his faith and trusted God in everything.

He took to social media to share what he’s going through and start a conversation about how people with disabilities struggle to find work.

God was with Chris and used his story to touch the lives of many and use him to counsel and encourage other burn victims.

Life dealt him another blow when his wife left him alone to raise their two daughters after 14 years of marriage. “It’s horrible,” Chris said, describing the pain he felt during the betrayal. “I would rather burn myself again than go through that pain.”

In that difficult moment, he drew strength from his children and decided to focus on them. “I looked at my kids, and they were smiling and hugging me,” he recalled. “And I said, ‘This is my goal.’ “That’s what I have to do; they need me.”

This change in his life forced Chris to return to his hometown.

Finally, when Chrish went to attend a relative’s funeral, he visited a church where he felt a deep spiritual connection. But a car accident there changed his life completely and made him decide to stay in his hometown and share his testimony to inspire and encourage others.

Chris is still plagued by the cares of the world, but he has a community of believers to help him weather the tide. He shares his life story to encourage others today. He is not only a burn victim but also a brave father, as his story is full of victories.

He says, “My great passion is to publish my story.” Again, not for me, but to give glory to God,” he explained.

“Because many people think that God doesn’t work anymore—God doesn’t do miracles.” God works miracles every second of every day. “All you have to do is look around you.”

What a powerful testimony of a man who was not meant to be alive, married, and with children, but look at him now. All this was possible only because he trusted in God, who made him his rock and shelter.

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