Grandma repelled intruder from her home, making him regret his actions for life

This article shows that no one should ever think about messing with elderly people because, despite appearing vulnerable, they can actually be tough as hell and fearless. Such is the case where a grandmother managed to repel the intruder who appeared in her home and made him regret his actions.

After hearing some unusual sounds outside her home one day, the 65-year-old woman looked through the window of her home to see what was going on.

As she looked through her window, she noticed a man standing outside her home. She saw the man trying to get into the cars by trying to break the windows and shaking the door handles.

Another thing about the individual that raised red flags was what he was wearing. The only thing he had on was a pair of boxer shorts. The grandma was starting to feel really concerned. As soon as she had the impression that the big man weighing 300 pounds was about to approach her, she went and got a bat.

Since the grandmother in question had played softball in high school, she knew how to handle the bat very well.

She opened the door slowly, as the hefty man continued to make his way closer. She got into a striking stance and then hit him on the head with it.

“I tucked that bat and hit him upside the head. I said ‘Pi-yah!’ and he said ‘Oww.’ The would-be thief grabbed at his head and ran away,” the grandma said.

A canine officer successfully traced the perpetrator down, and the grandma positively identified him. He was arrested for drug possession and burglary.

The grandma even admitted the perpetrator was lucky she did not have a gun. She served up some street justice, and the police finished the job, making the arrest!

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