Five men ambushed and tried to kill cops, get unfortunate surprise they didn’t see coming

Five people in the U.S. have been arrested on charges after ambushing and trying to kill police officers during a traffic stop.

According to court documents, Tavone was driving alone when he was pulled over by police. When the pair of officers walked over to Tavone’s car, he was reportedly on his phone.

The officers say they ordered Tavone to get off his phone, but he ignored their warnings. An officer says he overheard Tavone asking someone else to come to the traffic stop. Two more officers were called in for backup, and Tavone was put in the back of their patrol car for a license violation, according to police.

Suddenly, four men allegedly began shooting at the officers from behind just as the cops were searching Tavone’s car. The officers ducked for cover behind their patrol vehicles as the bullets struck the sides of their cars. One officer says he later found a stray bullet trapped inside his coat pocket.

The four suspects then fled the scene, reportedly thinking they had killed at least one officer. One of the suspects dropped his sweatshirt and a handgun while running away.

Now, investigators believe the suspects ambushed the police and attempted to kill them in a premeditated attack.

Police were later able to arrest all five suspects accused of being involved in the shooting: Tavone, Donye, Trentert, Marcus, and Samuel. All five suspects have lengthy criminal records and are currently in custody.

They have been charged with several felonies, including four counts of shooting with the intent to kill, assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Because Tavone is believed to have been a decoy, his charges were substantially lighter than his alleged accomplices, only receiving a possession of marijuana charge.

All the officers walked away without major injuries. Only one officer was left marginally wounded, but he has already fully recovered.

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