FBI and local police searching for a person of interest in a fatal shooting where four people, including a minor, were killed

Dayton, Ohio – On Friday morning, a neighborhood in Butler Township, Ohio, located close to Dayton, was the scene of a shooting that resulted in the deaths of four people.

Around 11:30 in the morning, police were summoned to the 7200 block of Hardwicke Place after reports of shots being fired in the area.

According to Butler Township Police Chief John Porter, upon the officers’ arrival, they discovered a total of four victims suffering from gunshot wounds. The victims were located in different crime scenes and all of them were pronounced dead at the scene.

Two of the victims were discovered dead inside a residence on Hardwicke Place. According to reports, the two individuals were a mother and her daughter, who was 15 years old. According to statements made by people who live nearby, the other two people who were killed in the incident were an elderly couple.

The FBI and local law enforcement are now searching for a person of interest in connection with the incident.

Stephen Alexander Marlow, who is 39 years old, is the person in question. He has been described as having brown hair and blue eyes, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing 160 pounds. The last time he was seen, he was dressed in shorts and a yellow T-shirt. Marlow owns a 2007 white Ford Edge SUV with the license plate number JES 9806.

Authorities are advising anyone who spots Marlow to avoid confronting or approaching him since he is believed to be armed and to immediately call 911. Police suspect that Marlow may have left the state.

According to police, there is no ongoing threat to the community.

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