Donation made by MCO speeds up the beginning of construction on RMHC’s new facility

Dayton, Ohio – With the help of Medicaid Managed Care Organizations in Ohio, Ronald MacDonald House Charities in Dayton will be able to start construction on its new Ronald MacDonald House more than six months sooner than initially planned.

On Wednesday, April 27, RMHC Dayton’s CEO, Rita Cyr, revealed that MCO has made a contribution of $13 million to the organization, the largest sum the organization has ever received. This donation, combined with the $8 million in community gifts received so far, brings the campaign’s first phase to an end. This gift will allow the charity to begin construction on a new, larger Ronald McDonald house more than six months ahead of schedule.

Located near Dayton Children’s Hospital and Shriner’s Children’s Hospital of Ohio, this building has 42 rooms and will serve to meet the growing need for accommodation in the area. The RMHC said that the smaller, 14-room facility was no longer able to meet this need.

“Last year, Ronald McDonald House had to turn away 63% of the families that came to us for housing. Expanding our capacity is significant to the strategic growth of our region’s healthcare sector and necessary to support the hundreds of families who travel to Dayton each year for their children’s medical care,” Cyr said.

For the purpose of funding the construction of the new facility, the RMHC Dayton planned to raise $25 million from various sources. According to RMHC, construction on the new facility is expected to begin this summer, now that the objective has been achieved.

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