Doctors gave a boy born without eyes low chances of survival, several months later a miracle happened that left many astonished including the parents

Many doctors are always trying to provide the best care and give the best advice. But, despite that, there are many cases in which they make mistakes and their anticipations turn out to be wrong.

In such a case where doctors had clearly made a mistake, they told a pregnant woman to have an abortion because her baby had a rare genetic condition called Trisomy 13 and had a low chance of survival. Luckily, the woman didn’t listen to the doctors and decided to give birth to her baby anyway.

The baby was born with breathing difficulties, deaf, without eyes, with six fingers, six toes, and was, according to doctors, at risk of dying. He was diagnosed with an untreatable condition called bilateral anophthalmia.

But the mother said a miracle happened several months after the baby was born. While they were waiting in the general practitioner’s waiting room, the mother saw a “shiny black marble” behind an open eyelid.

The mother couldn’t believe her eyes, so she approached a woman sitting next to them, asking, “‘He’s got an eye! Can you see an eye?”

“‘Yes, that’s an eye,” the woman sitting next to them replied.

After that, the doctors reclassified his diagnosis.

“To my astonishment, it was confirmed he now had two eyes and his diagnosis was changed to microphthalmia (small eyes).”

“Though very limited, he had some vision. He actually grew eyes,” the mother said.

“It’s a miracle,” the father replied.

Now aged four, he still has difficulty breathing and suffers from severe epilepsy.

“He has visual stimulation therapy at home and at school, and is successfully responding to light,” the father said.

“We believe his vision will continue to improve. A few weeks ago, he had three seizures and was taken to the hospital. He is still there, currently intubated to help him breathe, but we’re all hoping he will get better very soon,” said the mother.

“People often ask if I’d change anything. Though I’d love to take away his disabilities, this is his journey. And I’m determined to give him as much joy as he gives us,” the mother added.

She wrote a book about her son that is available on Amazon.

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