Dayton sets an example for local communities by preparing to accommodate Ukrainian refugees

Dayton, Ohio – The city of Dayton is ready to accommodate Ukrainian refugees, but has not published their plans yet as they are waiting for additional decisions from the federal government.

As a friendly city, Dayton is known for welcoming refugees on a regular basis, particularly during times of crisis. It is still unclear when or how many refugees will be arriving at the “doorstep” of Dayton.

According to Dayton City Commissioner Matt Joseph, “These refugees are people who are fleeing wars and terrible things, and helping them out is the right thing to do, one way or another.”

When asked how many Ukrainian refugees may be coming to the Miami Valley, the City of Dayton stated it is following and waiting for the federal government to determine how many will come.

A $13.6 billion funding bill that was voted by the House of Representatives on Wednesday night will assist Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

One U.S. Senator is encouraging local communities to accept as many Ukrainian refugees as possible.

The Red Cross claimed it supported Ukrainians by training first responders in bomb shelters, evacuating disabled people and providing food.

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