Dayton Flyers women’s basketball head coach resigns

Dayton, Ohio – Shauna Green has resigned from her position as head coach of the women’s basketball team at the University of Dayton.

She resigns after six years spent at the university and will now join the University of Illinois team.

The University of Dayton Vice President and Director of Athletics, Neil Sullivan, issued a statement regarding Green’s resignation, saying, “On behalf of the University of Dayton, I offer our gratitude and sincere thanks to Shauna for a great six-year run. Most importantly, Shauna represented the university with integrity and class. She graduated student-athletes, won championships, and embraced the community. With our thanks for her service and best wishes for her continued success, we commence our search for a new coach who will continue our strong tradition of women’s basketball.”

The University of Dayton is looking to hire a new coach since the position is now open with the departure of Green.

You can visit if you want to learn more about the University of Dayton women’s basketball team.

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