Dangerous suspect sought in connection with two armed robberies

Oxford, Ohio – Authorities are looking for a dangerous suspect in connection with two armed robberies that occurred within 24 hours of one another.

The Oxford Police Department said that a shooter robbed a liquor shop late Saturday night and then fled. After police released a statement informing the public about the robbery, a man came forward and said that he had been robbed at gunpoint and forced to withdraw money from an ATM approximately 24 hours earlier. Authorities believe these two incidents were linked.

On Saturday, two employees were working when a suspicious man stepped into the Red Ox drive-thru and demanded cash from the register. A number of security camera images of the suspect show him brandishing a weapon with an extended magazine and wearing a sweatshirt with a unique design on it, as well as a black ski mask, according to police.

As the suspect fled away, one of the workers went to a bystander’s phone and called 911.

When an alert about the armed robbery was sent out to Miami University, authorities got a second report about a similar incident and a suspect with similar descriptions.

According to Lt. Lara Fening, “upon receiving that campus crime alert, a student, I’m guessing a student, had come forward and said he had an experience the night before with being robbed by a man with a gun.”

The student said that he was traveling in a vehicle with people he did not know at the time. The police are still attempting to find out why he would be in such a situation.

In addition, the victim was unable to remember the specific hour of the alleged incident that took place. He ended up withdrawing cash from the ATM and did not return to the vehicle.

Anyone who has information about either of these crimes is asked to call the Oxford Police Department at 513-524-5240.

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