Bullied girl “celebrates” 10th birthday in a hospital; mother talks to the bully’s parents and is disgusted by the response she gets

Unfortunately, there are many children in our society who are being bullied.

This was also the case with a young girl who, instead of enjoying life to the fullest and making friends, ended up “celebrating” her birthday in a hospital after a suicidе attempt due to the bullying and taunting she experienced.

After nearly starving herself, refusing to eat anything, and taking ‘tablets’ that have been unidentified by the media, Lilly’s mom, Jess, reportedly rushed her daughter to the hospital the evening before her birthday.

“I sat her down and she admitted she’d taken some pills,” said Jess. “I took her to the doctor and he said we should go straight to [the] hospital. I thought my daughter was going to die.”

“My daughter is fighting for her life because of bullying,” Jess said.

It was only a couple weeks into the 10-year-old starting at her new school that her mom began noticing changes in her behavior, particularly that she had become withdrawn. Lilly admitted to her mother that she had been the target of bullying at school.

“[The bully] has pulled her hair, pushed her, smacked Lilly and also shut a locker door on Lilly’s head, stamped on her foot when it was broken – the list is endless,” said Jess.

In a video that Jess posted to Facebook, Lilly shared the heartbreaking reason why she hasn’t been eating as well.

“She [the bully] was staring at me in the changing rooms and calling me fat,” said Lilly. “She saw me eating two crumpets, a drink and a turkey baguette, that was all I had. I’m scared she’s going to call me fat.”

Jess, a 27-year-old mother of [three], said that she talked to the school about the severe bullying her daughter was enduring, only to be dismissed. When she talked to the parents of the bully, she was merely laughed and cursed at.

“I am disgusted my daughter is being bullied yet nothing is being done about it,” said Jess. “Nobody seems to want to help at all.”

“The day after Lilly overdosed I went round to the parents of the girl who has bullied her and showed them the pictures of her in hospital,” she explained. “I wanted to show them the impact of their daughter’s words but they just laughed at me and swore at me.”

“I’ve told the school about Lilly being bullied but they haven’t done anything to help either,” she added. “I feel that Lilly has been let down by the school who have not taken bullying seriously.”

The devastated mother says that she will not be sending her daughter back to school, as it’s “not worth the risk.”

Because she hasn’t received any support elsewhere, Jess has posted pictures of her daughter in the hospital after her suicide attempt to Facebook. She hopes it will warn other parents about just how dangerous bullying is in our society and encourage them to share her story.

“You never expect [to] see your own daughter on her 10th birthday in [the] hospital after a suicide attempt,” said Jess. “It’s heartbreaking.”

If Lilly’s story about her suicidе attempt touched you too, please help us raise awareness for anti-bullying by sharing her devastating story in hopes of saving the lives of other children.


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