Black neighbor body shames a bikini-clad mother; she snaps and launches an obscene raсist rant, many say she went too far

A mother was standing in front of her home on a quiet street wearing only a bikini when one of her neighbors decided to make an inappropriate comment. One of the people who seemed to be criticizing the woman’s looks and her tiny bikini pulled out his phone and recorded her rant while she stood in her driveway.

As the clip begins, it’s obvious the bikini-clad mom is furious as she quarrels with a group of people, who are presumed to be black, while one of them records the incident with their cell phone. A dog can be heard barking in the background as the white woman, who appears to be drunk, yells, “Look at your body! Look at her body!” giving us a clue as to what started the feud.

While no one should be criticized for their body or wearing a bikini on their own property, this woman decided to go low rather than take the high road. No one likes to be shamed over their appearance, but this woman’s reaction proves two wrongs don’t make a right. Instead of staying on topic and condemning those who apparently had an issue with her body for their ignorant behavior towards her, she decided to go off on a racist rant, telling one of her neighbors that they “should have stayed in Africa.”

As one of the victims of her racist reaction records, a man shouts, “Black don’t crack!” to which the bikini-clad mom fires back, “Crack is black!” It’s all downhill from there as the drunk proceeds to tell her neighbors, “You should have stayed in Africa, and you can go back there. It’s free. You can go back to Africa if you want to.” The rest of her rant is just as bad. “Then you can take your Washington, Jefferson last names,” she adds, waving a cigarette and stumbling about.

Although she can’t be seen, the person with the camera is heard responding, “Don’t say anything else,” as the bikini-wearing woman continues to rant and rave and fling her hands around. “Let me get the tag number,” the camerawoman adds as the video pans to the car’s license plate. This only encourages the crazed racist to take her absurd rant even further.

Bringing civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. into her increasingly ridiculous argument, she yells, “Martin Luther was f***ing white people the day he died!” Before long, those around the woman are seemingly as embarrassed for her as those of us watching the disturbing display. Even the woman’s own daughter attempts to end the bikini-clad mom’s moronic behavior, grabbing her by the arm and telling her to stop. Sadly, she’s undeterred.

The daughter attempted to get her mother to sit in the car, but the bikini-wearing woman refused as she returned to the group to resume her tirade. “Why don’t you speak your own language?” she asked as the woman filming responded that she is American and she speaks English. The video comes to a close as the bikini-clad mom shouts, “You’re English? You’re from England? Really?”

Of course, the footage sparked an online debate over the woman’s appalling verbal assault. While her racist words should not be defended, many point out that the group she verbally attacked wasn’t innocent in the matter either, saying they started it when they decided to talk about the white woman’s body. But, no matter how much you are provoked, you should not resort to racism. Yes, some neighbors need to mind their own business, but others need to remember that skin color has nothing to do with bad behavior. If someone shows their ignorance with an insulting remark, don’t take the bait and join them with your own out-of-line comments.




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